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Selling Online (eCommerce)

We provide a unique solution for selling your goods and services online. We provide the following services to help your business succeed:

  • Automation of services.
  • Protection of the electronic distribution of your product.
  • Integration with all payment gateways include all Australian banks and Paypal.
  • Google Adword marketing.
  • Automation of your internal processes.
  • Integration with other application such as MYOB.

Some of our eCommerce Websites

Audio Visual Archives is a platform for distributing audio visual material over the internet. It is primarily use to broadcast conferences live as well as to sell audio visual copies of conference sessions. This website utilises the Commonwealth Bank and Paypal payment gateways. Library Av - eCommerce
Driwash 'n' Guard is a custom made multi-level marketing system for selling Driwash products. The system includes a virtual website for each distributor as well as a complete back end to process orders and commissions. This website utilises the Commonwealth Bank payment gateway. Library Av - eCommerce
Library AV is a business to business application for ordering audio visual materials for libraries. Library Av - eCommerce
Aussie Magnotherapy is a fairly standard eCommerce website that allows the ordering of magnetic therapy goods utilising Paypal to record orders. The site uses Macromedia Contribute to make the entry and maintence of products easy and flexible. Library Av - eCommerce
Retro Games is a unique website that allows the trading of video games over the internet. Library Av - eCommerce